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3 February 2007
Happy New Year
Many things to look forward in the new year. Looking forward to a weaving workshop in March, an Andean dye workshop in April, our tenth wedding anniversary in May - along with Lisa's first baby! a trip with my sister to Colorado to see this bouncing baby boy to be.

21 November 2006
Items for sale in Bennington
I sent my scarves, shawls, and some yarns off to the Trolley Car Marketplace this week. They have a great corner for local artists.

7 September 2006
Fiber for sale online
I found Local Harvest this past Spring. It is so easy to use, but I just got around to getting my first items up for sale. Watch for more to come!

19 August 2006
My sister introduced me to my new favorite music site Pandora. It is so cool and smart! You can program it to play what you like and you can have stations for what ever mood you are in - way better than my experience with Rhapsody and it is free and legal! Check it out and enjoy

1 August 2006
Spincerely Yours
My sister has a blog! Many of you have seen "Spincerely" as my closing of "Ewesful News". I adopted that from my sister - be sure to check her out at SpincerelyYours.com

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E and Lisa in Colorado

Canine Friends


My friend Lisa got me The Dog Whisperer's book Cesar's Way for Christmas. We don't usually exchange Christmas gifts as she was born on December 24 so we do birthday presents. When I went to visit her in November (see picture above) she really wanted me to watch his show. When she gave me the book she said I know we don't do this - but you really need this! Now if I didn't know Lisa I might be put off by someone suggesting that I might need some assistance with my dogs. Perhaps the fact that the dogs refer to her as Auntie Lisa, might actually suggest that I too humanize my pets and in fact do need help. I started reading the book on the way home from our Birthday Lunch with her in Northampton at Paul and Elizabeth's Restaurant.

We had some friends over for the holidays and I normally have to pick Cider up when people leave as she has jumped up and literally nipped people on the butt. Just from the few chapters I had read the situation had already changed. Normally she would be so wiggly squiggly I could barely hold her. She just sat there resting on one arm (yes she is that small). I was able to hug people as they left and everything!

cider and paco walking together on the treadmill

Then I was working with my friend Jen on a brochure for a local conservation commission and when she came over with the text to be layed out, she could not stop talking about him on the phone either. She pulled in to the driveway and I managed to get the dogs into the bedroom as I had not made it to a point in the book that helped me deal with how to handle someone being at the door and what to do. She came up to the door very upset that the dogs were not out and she had rehersed the entire way over on how to deal with their typical barking, jumping, and just plan being annoying. So she went back to the edge of the deck I let them out and we started over. We both completely ignored them. No eye contact, no touch, and no speaking to them, they were calm within minutes and off doing their own thing! I still had only seen part of one episode in Colorado.

Sadly, my dad is ill, so I've been spending much time down at their house in CT - but they have the National Geographic channel and having a hard time sleeping anyway I would watch the evening marathons and can say that I'm seriously hooked. I have purchased the first season in hopes that my husband will get on board with the dog civilization project, I can't wait until it arrives. Oh and the funny thing is that Lisa and Jen - well neither of them have dogs!

February 16, 2007 - I picked up my dvd from the post office today and yes the picture above is of cider and paco on the treadmill!

hoops and yoyo make friends